"Be Still and Know"

Silent Retreats

Experience Silence

Join us for a classical Yoga-Ashram style retreat designed to help you re-discover the sacred silence within and to connect profoundly with your authentic self.  Our silent retreats focus on both the wisdom teaching of Yoga and Yogic practices to help you both experience and to sustain inner connection and awareness. The retreat is offered on a donation-only basis and is open to all seekers of all traditions.

Why Practice Silence?

Silence is peace. In a world that seems to become ever more complex and busy, it is important to take time to turn within and experience silence. There is no better cure than what ails us than to be silent, and yet we do not know how to be truly silent. To merely stop talking is not really to be silent. If one stops talking but the racing thoughts are there, it will case heat and agitation in the mind. Yoga provides practical techniques for bringing silence and peace to the mind, which helps one reconnect with the true Self.

"The aim of life is silence. Silence is the language of God or Brahman. Peace is silence. Silence is the language of the heart."
- Swami Sivananda

All Are Welcome

The retreat is open to all seekers, regardless of tradition, and is held in sacred and safe space with respect for all. It is conducted in accordance with the holistic and all-inclusive teachings of Swami Sivananda. The programs are to begin on Friday

afternoon and complete Sunday afternoon. The only requirements of the participants are that they are genuine in their intent, that they be kind and respectful of all during the retreat, that they participate fully in all aspects of the retreat including in seva (selfless service). No one is asked to believe in any particular teaching, but all are asked to participate fully in order to take away an understanding of how the practices in total may be of benefit to them.

Daily Schedule

The retreat schedule follows closely with the Ashram Daily Schedule


5:30 AM











    (meditation, chanting, dharma talk)

Gentle Yoga Class

Vegetarian Brunch


Open Yoga Class

Tea & Bhagavad Gita

Vegetarian Dinner

Peace Chanting



Friday between 3-6PM

optional Yoga class 3PM


Sunday between 5-6PM

*daily schedule, arrival and departure times are subject to change.

Offered Monthly


Our goal is to offer silent retreats once per month. Our Silent Retreats are led by Swami Sankarananda. Swami travels certain months during the year, during which time the silent retreats will not be held at Divine Grace Yoga Ashram, but at different Yoga and Retreat Centers across the United States.

For registrations and inquries regarding silent retreats, please email:


We are a 501c3 non-profit corporation, your donations are tax deductible.

Please call, send email or text prior to arrival

Divine Grace Yoga Ashram

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