Online Offerings

Morning Satsang

Daily meditation, chanting and dharma talk. Live streamed here on Swami's Facebook page.

6am - 7:30am, Arizona Time (MST)
Sivananda Chant Book


Swami's Courses and Talks

Swami's YouTube channel  

A collection of special talks, series and workshops. 

Swami's "Pilgrimage Home"

The story of Swami's journey to the universal heart and a sharing of the lessons learned along the way.   

"Bhagavad Gita" study

Practical guidance on how to bring one's life into Harmony and abide in the Bliss within.

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"Thought Power" study

How to refine one's thoughts in order to get ourselves out of the way of all which we seek. 

From our Guides and Gurus

Getting Involved


  All are welcome to join our online sangha (spiritual community). If you would like to be updated on ashram activities and upcoming programs, then please send a request to & please include your name. You can also follow Swami on Facebook here for more frequent updates. 

  Our offerings are interactive. We are happy to answer any questions you may have on our social media platforms or by contact Swami directly via phone (234) 262-1086 or email at