Daily Schedule

Divine Grace Yoga Ashram is beginning to re-open for guests after operating in sequester from mid March through May. We are now able and happy to receive guests for Satsang and a small number of Yoga classes each week. We do ask just two things:


1) Please ensure that you are in good health when you visit, that you are not sneezing or coughing, that you do not have a fever or headache, and that you refrain from hugs or other physical touch, and

2) Please call or text Swami at (858) 859-0523 prior to your visit. 

This schedule is inspired by the great Yogi Swami Sivananda, who instructs serious sadhakas (seekers) to, "Start the day with God, end the day with God and fill the day with God" that we may know the happiness that we seek. As always our programs are offered on a donation - only basis. We won't ask you for a donation, if you offer one we will be most grateful for your support of our mission.


We intend to continue to add programs to our public schedule over the next few weeks, including more Yoga Asana classes, meals, noon workshops, and retreats.

6 - 7:30AM              Satsang

(Daily)                            (~30 minutes Meditation,

                                        30 minutes Chanting,

                                        30 minutes Dharma Talk)


8 - 10AM                 Yoga Asana/Pranayama Class @ Ashram


1 - 3PM                   Workshop (Check Ahead for Availability)

(Monday - Meditation

Tuesday & Saturday - Chanting

Thursday & Friday - Vedanta

Sunday - Pranayama)

4 - 5:30PM              Español - Spanish Yoga Asana Class

4 - 5:30PM              Gentle Yoga Asana/Pranayama Class

(Friday - Sunday)


7:30 - 9:00PM         Satsang

(Wednesday, Friday - Monday)


We are a 501c3 non-profit corporation, your donations are tax deductible.

Please call, send email or text prior to arrival

Divine Grace Yoga Ashram

1437 Bates Rd

Cottonwood, Arizona 86326


(858) 859-0523

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